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We are smokers just like you...


And just like you we only want to smoke the best.  This is what drove us to plant our first seeds three decades ago and this is what drives us today.  We wake up each morning on the farm, not in an office or in some boardroom. We have been here in the same spot since '87 and we aint goin' nowhere! We are not some fly by night brand started up by some trust funder, "King of Instagram". Simply put we are Cannafolk through and through. Our goal is to share a little of that love and some of our crop with you, our friends!  

Our home.....


Humboldt Grown and damn proud of it! The Humboldt hills are the birthplace of the cannabis industry.  It just what we do here.  It what we've always done.  Our mountain farm is perfectly located to create a one of a kind environment for growing cannabis. The cannabis that comes from here grows in the mountain fresh air not in some warehouse.  Homegrown the way it ought to be! 

Our Promise to You....


What we do is simple. We grow our own. We roll our own; like we have done for decades. We don't try to be fancy. This aint art class. We take todays top strains; grow them, harvest them and cure them the right way. Then we roll them into the best pre rolled cannabis joint on the market.  These steps ensure that you get a clean burning fresh tasting joint every time.  So if your already a friend or coming for your first visit, ask for us by name at your favorite dispensary. We grow our own. We roll our own. Ice Box Flat Farms Pre-rolls.

Ice Box Flat Farms 2018/2019 Pre roll Line up


This offering from the famed Humboldt Seed Co. has quickly taken over the market.  Its deep lavender colors and distinct blueberry muffin smell make this Indica 2019's must try strain.


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Flat out dank!  Like its name suggests, the flower takes on a dark purple hue when it finishes and hits the palate with a burst of berry flavor. This heavy Indica  offering will hit head to toe.  As they say "The darker the berry the sweeter the juice."

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One of our personal favorites of the Ice Box Flat Farms crew!  With parents like Candyland and Sour D its no wonder this Sativa offering really soars  A little lemon and a little fuel and a little sweet....Pucker Up! 

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The guys over at Humboldt Seed Co. love to pump out one terpene rich strain after the next and this one is no different.  This Sativa dominant smells just like her namesake, with a flavor to match, this one will quickly become a "go to".  

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Jack Herer is one of the most well know names in the Cannnabis Industry.  From his well known books to the strain that bears his name Jack has done it all.  Now add to that mix a superior lady like Black Domina and you will see why this Super Sativa will have you cheering: "Black Jack!  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"


One of the newer players in the OG game, this is a MUST TRY for any true OG Fans!  Gassy and lemony with a touch of skunk, this OG Hybrid really has fangs! 

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This cut of the legendary Sherbet line is second to none.  With famous parents like GSC and Pink Panties its easy to see why.  This Hybrid offering delivers in both taste and effectiveness.  This one will melt over your tongue and mind like its namesake.

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One of the most sought after players on the OG roster, this cut of Platinum will not disappoint! If your looking for that all out gassy/fuel no need to go any further.  One taste and you will understand why this OG Hybrid went Platinum! 

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